The Bitter Fruits of Victory began with the climactic final battle of the Crusade against the Dead. After brilliant fighting to defend the city at the Siege of Muriah and many missions that verged on suicidal, the chance rescue of Michel d’Estenne, son and heir of Raymonde, Count d’Estenne, changed the fates of a small band of adventurers. One of their number, Vincent Longbourne, landless black sheep of a noble family, was rewarded by the count with the gift of the lordship and lands of the Barony of Angoisse. It turned out, however, that one of the adventurers, a druid named Hammara Ti, had been having troubling but mysterious visions about a secluded valley in the barony. Knowing only that “the land needs her” and that “the words have been rewritten,” she traveled with the new baron, Vincent; the enigmatic Eladrin, Gwyneth; and Toradun, a dwarven pirate looking to—slowly—turn over a new leaf, to the border barony. They arrive to find a land troubled by ethnic discord, the threat of a rising Orc nation across the border, rampaging monsters, and mysterious visitors from the shadow world of Telos Umbra. Their weapons are keen and their fighting skills are unmatched, but will that be enough in a world of treacherous politics? Some characters fall and new ones take up their mantles, but all will taste the bitter fruits of victory.


jesskun rngrfreund